Friday, 13 January 2012


NEW VIDEO! And I almost forgot how to use Blogger... how upsetting XD No need to worry cause I have a new video for you! SUPER GUIDE BLOCK

Friday, 18 November 2011

New Video & Other Info.

In my blogs I will have more in depth information about my videos and topics. So if you are interested on more info come to my blogg just for that! Also, please excuse my horrid spelling & grammar. I was never one for anything over a c- in school if it was not art, cooking, drama, computers & Gym. So I try and my handy friend Auto correct will help along side with me. So with that aside,

The Mandarin Orange song...

Originally, while back I had this tune I just randomly created and sang out loud here and their. I thought it was quit catchy. I new I wanted to make a song/video out of it. I took my Handy iPhone and recorded my little ditty for later remembering. I had finally started to create my weird randomocity of a creation. My family and I had just moved a couple months ago. As prior to all the left over had not touched yet boxes, their lay a older-ish electric Piano. I had managed it's weight and size down and into the family room were I could play this thing in peace with out disrupting anyone. I always loved playing the Piano. But their is a catch I never really knew how to play actual songs or good sounding sounds. Sure anyone can just tap their fingers on a piano and play it but most can't create nice sounding stuff.

Video Idea:

Off topic here I orignally wanted to create a tune on the piano and recored it. But obvious enough that plan failed. But with my trusty Garage band by my side I chose a tune from their. Creating the lyrics was easy enough. I just made up the random non-sense on the spot to the tune. Their on I created my silly clips.

YouTube Audience:
Bla bla bla. You saw what you saw. And it was pure insane random-ness. I want to get the audience that appreciate my weird randomness and those who are esily amused like me! I know their are more of me out their! And I plan on finding them ALL!

Thanks' for all your support! I Look forward to entertaining you more! I will be creating and uploading As often as possible! I'd like to get no less than 3 videos out a week! But with my crazy 40 hour work week we will see! I Will make it happen! I have no excuses!

Also I do not plan to keep my YouTube channel so bla and plain... It will be colorful and mesmerizing!


Saturday, 12 November 2011

Hello Fellow Bloggers!

Hello Fellow Bloggers!

I'm Dragonamuck! A Dragon Running Amuck! Creating random spontaneous fun videos!

Fallow me on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and here Blogger! I will be uploading and creating magical videos that will amaze you and make you laugh!

Most Proud Video Created up to date: I Like Dragons